National Health Lab For Emerging Technology

Vision: To set a benchmark in emerging health technology digital solutions.

Mission: Enable the brightest national minds to create digital solutions through emerging technologies in an innovation ecosystem to enhance the quality of healthcare services.


Our Values  


We encourage an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect.


We ask other questions, seek new ways and lead the way forward.


There is no end to knowledge. We want more and we chase it. 


We seek connections, build relationships and give back to the community.


Build a Sustainable Health Innovation Lab

Build a sustainable health innovation lab that can be viable in the long term, factoring in support infrastructure, maintenance, and running costs as well as leveraging emerging technologies to ensure the survival of the lab.

Drive Entrepreneurship and Innovation within the Saudi Health Sector

Foster entrepreneurial culture and develop national innovation capabilities within the healthcare environment in order to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the Saudi healthcare sector through the use of digital technologies.

Create Awareness and an Engaged Innovation Ecosystem

Raise awareness of emerging technologies and their impact on the healthcare sector and promote for the creation of the innovation lab.

Value Proposition

Innovation Model